Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Is This World Coming To?

     I don't understand what is happening to the world we live in.  Every day you hear of death and dying and war.  I feel we have our priorities all wrong.  First I feel we should take care of our own.  We have millions of people who are hungry, homeless, and sick.  But instead of taking care of them the government is more worried about taking care of people over seas.
     As far as the war goes.  I feel we should bring our men home.  The people we are helping will not change.  They have been killing each other since the beginning of time.  So bring our men home so they will stop killing them!!
     And then there is Warren Jeffs.  He makes me sick.  He is on trial for marring and sexual assaulting teenage girls.  He feels it is ok because he is married to them.  Really?  I thought it was against the law to marry someone that young and marry more than one.  He is the head of a group of brain washed  so called Christians.
     He tells his followers that the men should have at least 3 wives and the women should have a child once a year.  When the boys are old enough they have made them leave the compound so there are enough women for the older men.  Jeffs is said to have at least 80 wives.  There is no telling how many kids he has. 
      Why is it that he is above the law?  If your next door neighbor was accused of this he would be in jail.  But they are wasting tax payers money on his trial when there is no way he is innocent.  And now he has fired all of his lawyers and he is going to represent himself.  So you know this trial will take forever and that just means more money from the taxpayers.  When is enough enough?


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